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June 8, 2023

Graphical MIDI Tools 2 is released

The new version of the DAW like plugin adds a piano roll window to Sibelius

It is finally here!. After more than a year of hard work, we are proud to present the new version of Graphical MIDI Tools, the plugin for Sibelius.

This new release brings in a complete new interactive window, similiar to those found in traditional sequencers/DAWs.


The new interface allows editing many MIDI aspects of the score, within Sibelius, like never before. Create more realistic audio drafts (MIDI mockups) without using any additional software, speeding up your workflow.


Now you can easily:

  • Edit MIDI CC curves for any controller
  • Set note velocities
  • Change the sound length and starting position of the notes
  • NEW! with the phantom notes module, you can introduce hidden notes which are performed by the playback engine but do not affect the written score.



The new Graphical MIDI Tools website

Also. together with this version, we introduce today the new GMT official website.

In here you will find access to the FREE 15-day trial and documentation / support.


For more information, please visit the GMT official social media sites: