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This plug-in for Sibelius allows to manipulate many MIDI aspects of the score (i.e. the sequence) in a graphical way. Useful for producing more realistic mockups for film cues or concert music.

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Requires Sibelius 7.5 or higher. Works in PC or Mac.

NEW FREE UPGRADE - July 2020: GMT 1.2

What's new in version 1.2:

  • CC value indicator
  • Close Button now closes all bars (instead of doing it individually)
  • Added the clear button for the Velocity and Mini Piano Roll modules
  • Improved curve drawing
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Graphical CC Automation

Draw curves for automating MIDI CC (Continuous Controllers). Volume, Mod Wheel, Expression, Pan, Pitch Bend, etc.

Tabs are configurable for any CC.

Graphical Velocity Editor

Edit note velocities in a graphical way.

Little Mini Piano Roll

Make slight modifications to the duration and starting point of the note.

Useful for adjusting the legato feel of a melody or customizing an arpeggio, or simply humanizing the lines.

All edits are carried over to the sequencer

After exporting the score to a MIDI file, all modifications done with the plugin are transfered to it.

Hence, when opening the MIDI file in your favourite sequencer (Pro-tools, Logic, Cubase, Reaper, etc.), the changes will appear there.

This will also prevent volume differences between Sibelius file and the Sequencer project.


  • Completely developed in Sibelius scripting language "Manuscript"
  • No additional software needed.

System Requirements

  • Requires Sibelius 7.5 or higher
  • Tested on PC and Mac
  • Notice: Sibelius "First" does not allow installing plugins. Check your version allows plugin installation.

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